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Who We Are

Zyno Marketers comes among one of the best marketing agencies in the Indian hospitality industry. We work for the marketing and promotion of facilities and amenities offered by hotels and resorts, restaurants, water parks, spas, salons, and gyms through a loyalty membership program.

Our Strategy

We acquire the concept of the most effective marketing strategy – Direct Marketing (face to face marketing). Since the day we entered the business, we have been working as a dominant hospitality promotion service provider.

Our Team

Meet the passionate individuals driving our success forward
Mr Adeel Ahmad
Mr Adeel Ahmad
Mr Adeel Ahmad

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing smart solutions that result in an 80% to 100% instant revenue increase for your business. Our ‘free of cost’ loyalty membership program will also offer a high mind share as well as a better brand recall factor for you at no extra cost.

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